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trundlewheel's Journal

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"chocolates", "christine... do you believe?", "my goodies!", "shake me!!!", 42108, 43500, 773-580-7668, alsace-lorraine, anal beads, anal sex, andrae, apples, argus filch, aurora, axelrod, babushka, ballsaxx, bangladesh, being duped, big bad bionic boy, bilbo baggins, blunty, bo'sun, bojangles, bojesus, boning michaelson, booyakasha, cock rings, corn, crazy nights, crusty, damé más gasolina, dance of the olaf, darcy/rochester, darth vadar, dora the explorer, dr. dartt, dr. livingstone, edward fairfax rochester, eric schrode, ethan, exclusive vizeau sling briefs, fitzwilliam darcy, gael the stud, gaston, gay flamboyant boys, geoffrey "the hottie" rush, geoffrey/joaquin, gold miner vegas, golden casino, honest mistake, jack nasty, jack/barbossa, james joyce, jane eyre the musical, jarvis, jellywobblekit, jesus/judas/john the baptist, jet slalom, johnny weir, kabul, kovu, lizzie lizzie lizzie, luscious nipples, martell, matthew macfadyen, maximilian vernon, michael the scalper, microsoft paint, mr. cleland, mr. collins, mr. darcy's nose, mr. t, my humps, oatmeal rogelio, paco, peculiarly small owls, penetration, phuckmehard00, poonanny, pootie tang, primitive amphibians, pubes, raging hard-ons, raoul, saturday night, sex bomb, spaghetti, square jaw, stormtroopers, tangerines, ten million dollars, the ashlee simpson show, the axe, the phantom's cape, the you're beautiful video, tiny tim, tongue clucks, ugly owls, unicorns, wahkeen phoenix, what's up chicken bladder, yalulian, yanni vourgourakis, yita the yeti, yoda's green juice, zwemer in the yearbook